National Standard Pioneer
Leading the Lithium Era

Phylion Ultra Lithium S7 is the representative work of the new national standard lithium battery for electric vehicles

Nearly 10 million applications in the marketx
Make Ultra Lithium S7x
The absolute mainstay of electric vehicle lithium batteries in the new national standard erax
With leading all-round performancex
Not only does it define the value standardx
For lithium batteries in light vehiclesx
and the brightest star in the StarElite product matrix

National Standard Pioneer

Leading the Lithium Era

The representative of the new national standard lithium battery for electric vehicles

Born with the quality of cold resistance

It is naturally low temperature resistant with over 90% discharge capacity at -20°C

Intelligent core for peace of mind everywhere

Equipped with BMS, Ultra Lithium S7 has accurate power display and intelligent overcharge and overdischarge prevention

Very high quality, extra long cycle

Ultra Lithium S7 has automotive-grade battery quality, up to 2600+ cycles, ultra-long life

Safety, the strength of the trek

The use of seventh-generation manganese base element composite lithium material guarantees safety from the source with the quality of drop and shock resistant and IPX7 level waterproof.

Long warranty, worry-free after-sales service

Phylion offers a 5-year warranty, onsite payout and nationwide guarantee for Ultra Lithium S7 product

Power up, power up

It has ultra-high voltage platform for high output and power

Ultra Lithium S7 Family Product Matrix

  • 481X-A
  • 481X-D(Module)
  • 482X-H(Module)
  • 482X-C6(Module)
  • 482X-C6(模块)
  • 482X-G6
  • 4823(V3)
  • 481X-D
  • 482X-A4
  • 482X-H(Module)
  • 482X-G
  • 602X-G
  • 602X-G 60v/24ah
    602X-G 60v/24ah
  • 602X-G 72v/24ah
    602X-G 60v/72ah
  • 4852
  • Far Expedition
    Far Expedition
  • Ultra Lithium S7 Pro
    Ultra Lithium S7 Pro
  • long lifetime insurance products
    Longong lifetime insurance products

Ultra Lithium S7 product application scenarios

Ultra Lithium S7 business consulting

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