Grasp Lithium Battery for LEV

The Optimized Solution

  • Safe

  • Affordable

  • Durable

Providing high-quality lithium batteries
make people travel more convenient and sustainable

The performance reaches the industry benchmark level in multi-aspect including safety, endurance, lifespan, and more

New National Standard
LEV Battery Solutions

Phylion keeps safety and durability in mind and is committed to creating long lifespan, powerful, weather-resistant, and cost-efficiency power battery solutions to meet the market demands, providing millions of electric vehicle users to bring lightweight, convenient, fast, smart, and sustainable new energy travel experience.

LEV Battery Solutions

Meet the power dements and dynamic performance of electric motorcycles with larger capacity, stronger power, and upgraded technology lithium batteries, promote the travel experience of urban motorcycles and advocate green travel to be a fashionable lifestyle.

Battery Cell for LEV

Battery Modules for LEV

7 out of 10 major-brand light electric vehicles
are equipped with Phylion lithium batteries

Electric light vehicle business consulting

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