First to achieve industrial application of sodium ion batteries

Phylion First Generation All Climate Ultra Sodium Battery has the following advantages

  • Prolonged Service Life

    Having 2000+ cycles at room temperature, 7 times more than ordinary lead-acid batteries guaranteed for 3/5 years

    Extra long range

    Low-temperature battery life without worry at -20°C, able to discharge nearly 90% of its power
  • Ultra-fast charging

    High multiplier performance for faster charging, saving more than 15% in charging time, Supporting fast discharge for more power

    Ultra-accurate display

    The more accurate the system is in measuring the remaining mileage, the better the travel planning
  • Superb Cost Performance

    Super sodium F1 botains Lithium performance at a near-lead-acid price, It is worth every penny Phylion spent

    Super Security

    Batteries can be safely discharged to 0V and up to 100% depth of discharge, Battery can be woken up again even after a long period of time without power, Thermal stability can far exceed national mandatory standard safety requirements

E-bike products

  • 4820-G 电动自行车款
    4820-G e-bike
  • 4820-C 电动自行车款
    4820-C e-bike

Electric motorbike products

  • 模块A
    Module A
  • 模块B
    Module B
  • 模块C
    Module C
  • 模块D
    Module D
  • 7236

Ultra-Sodium F1 Series Application Scenarios

Super sodium F1 business consulting

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