Professional performance
with high energy

Over 10 years of technical experience specializing
in building high-performance energy storage modules

Advanced technical strength leads to powerful performance

The longer life cycle
better durability

Adopt high-energy lithium iron materials achieve 4000+ cycles

The inside out

Safety system comprehensive constructed to material, cell, PACK, BMS, and process, and obtained a variety of authoritative certifications in Europe, America, and China

Weather-resistant design
uninterrupted energy in any condition

Wide temperature range and excellent weather-resistant performance ensures stable operation of the batteries from -20°C ~ 50°C

chase to ultimate craftsmanship

Reduced module components through innovations in product capacity and structure, which reduced manufacturing costs significantly and achieved high-cost efficiency

  • Home Energy Storage Low Voltage Series

    • 21115
      (4&4 strings、4&5 strings)
  • Home Energy Storage Low Voltage Series

    • 21115
      (4&4 strings、4&5 strings)
  • Home Energy Storage High Voltage Series

    • 19118
      (1&16 strings、1&18 strings、1&20 strings)
    • 21115
      (2&8 strings、2&9 strings、2&10 strings、2&15 strings)
    • 17119
      (2&8 string、2&9 string、2&10 string、2&15 string)

Scenario of ESS Module Series

Energy storage module business consulting

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