Seizing Sodium
seizing the chance

Phylion pioneers in mastering core sodium ion battery technology and continues to explore its performance potential

Cost-effective in direct proportion to performance

Four core technologies help push the limits of the elements
  • Dedicated positive pole, adapted to two wheels

    Sodium positive electrode for two-wheelers is high capacity and cost-effective.

    High efficiency negative electrode for durability

    High capacity - high first effect negative electrode High sodium storage gram capacity and high cycle durability.
  • Adaptable partner, safe and reliable

    Efficient desolventization of electrolyte can reduce internal resistance and polarization of the core

    Square laminated cell design for easy heat dissipation

    The minimal internal resistance allows the cell with lower temperature rise, better heat dissipation, and more balanced temperature distribution

Breaking the limits of power experience
with the latest sodium-ion battery technology

Phylion pioneered the core technology of sodium ion batteries and will continue to explore its potential to achieve better performance

Leading edge technology, maximize cost performance

20% cost lower than lithium batteries
  • Keep ultra safety for deep discharge

    The battery can be deep discharged to 100% with 0 electric transportation and can be reactivated when use

    Wide temperature range

    The battery can keep the stable operation from -40°C to 65°C with a capacity retention rate of 90% at -20°C
  • The limits of cycle s life are continually explored

    Life cycles of the battery can achieve over 2000 cycles, which is about 2-7 times more than lead-acid batteries and can be increased up to 6000+ cycles

Stay informed of your power and travel range

High accurate SOC display the battery status and remaining power precisely, getting rid of mileage anxiety

Upper state for fast charging and discharging is available

Fast Charging, Stable Capacity, High-rate Discharge, Prolonged Bike Endurance

Pioneering the industrial application of sodium ion batteries

Ultra-Sodium F1 Series- The Sodium Battery Adapted to Any Climate
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