The golden dual-core
A perfect match

Original manganese-based composite lithium material system makes us take the lead in technology upgrade

Single crystal
Complementary materials, greatly improve the lithium battery cycle, low temperature and safety performance
  • Extra-long cycle time for excellent performance

    Cycle life is up to 3500+ cycles, with significant advantages in terms of multiplier, cycle stability, constant current charge ratio, etc.
  • Unique material, safe and reliable

    Robust crystal structure is effective in suppressing lithium dendrites and preventing internal short circuits
  • Ultra-high voltage, energy boost

    It has higher voltage making a theoretical 15%-20% increase in battery energy density, compared to LiFe
  • The ultimate in cold resistance for winter travel

    It is able to discharge nearly 90% of its power at -20°C, solving the shortcomings of lithium batteries at low temperatures

Pioneering the industrialisation of manganese-based batteries

Leading the realization of large-scale application of manganese-based material in the LEV field
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