The energy is upgraded from here

Phylion Golden Brick Battery Series is designed to provide power solutions for vehicles within 400km, home, and commercial energy storage

Minimize cost, maximize performance

Cost-optimized by 25%*, truly achieves the aim of reducing the cost to enlarge the revenue
The Golden Phylion Golden Brick Battery Series optimized the cost by over 10% to similar competitors on the market, and 25% lower cost than our previous generation small power battery.

Concise structure, extraordinary performance

Extremely long cycles

Advanced LFP technology maximized the long lifespan of batteries that reach 6000 cycles at normal temperature and keep over 3000 cycles even at 45°C high temperature
  • The outstanding capacity for expansion and compatibility

    More flexible BATTERY PACK that eases to expand capacity and can be compatible with a variety of materials
  • Unbeatable ultra-fast charging

    Full lug design of the battery cell, improved overcurrent capability, and 3C ultra-fast charging available

    In the most simple way to obtain the biggest effect

    Minimalist structure with 30% fewer structural components than competitors, and advanced production technology optimize costs by up to 25%

Massive capacity, stable charging

2.7 degrees minor and stable temperature rise to keep better battery reliability

Easily adapt to a variety of application scenarios

Strong application scenarios, can take into account a variety of application scenarios

Phylionself-developed safety valve structure

Ensure the pressure can be released timely and effectively when an anomaly happened to the battery to avoid serious safety hazard

all-in-one design

The battery cell consists of only 14 structural components, which with improved technology and lower manufacturing costs

High precision
extrusion cold drawing process

Reduced production costs

Battery cell
full lug design

Improved overcurrent capability, and 3C ultra-fast charging available

Double nail riveting
design solutions

Patented micro-tooth copper and aluminium composite structure, stable and easy to process

Extended to
same side of the lug terminal

Implementation of CTP and CTC technology makes the PACK more flexible

negative pressure sealing structure

All-in-one Intuitively Deign

Side welding
laser sealing process

High welding yields and low laser welding leakage rates

Golden Brick Series Battery



Appllcation Scenarios of Golden Brick Series Battery

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