Further release the potential of the battery

Intelligent BMS provides full lifecycle and process monitoring

TianQi BMS

Accurate - Smart - Safe Your Exclusive Battery Butler
  • ShenSuanZi
    Digital System


    Digital System

  • Marathon
    Endurance System


    Endurance System

  • Firewall
    Security System


    Security System

Accurate monitoring keeps track of bike endurance anytime

The huge database continuously analyses the battery usage data and outputs real-time data to optimize the travel experience, making the Phylion lithium battery a truly intelligent power source

Intelligent power replenishment to upgrade the endurance

The continuously upgrading smart BMS is compatible with various travel scenarios and energy storage scenarios, it can automatically optimize the battery endurance ability based on customer needs, providing more power to meet daily power needs

8 Types of Protections Ensure Ultra Safety

The 8 types of protections with real-time monitoring can find and handle inconspicuous failure and problems effectively, maintain the battery always full of power
  • 01-

    Battery safety monitoring and protection
  • 02-

    Intelligent recognition to avoid charger misuse
  • 03-

    ESD Static Protection
  • 04-

    EMC against electromagnetic interference
  • 05-

    Three levels of functional safety protection
  • 06-

    Integrated charging/discharging port to eliminate misconnections
  • 07-

    BMS fault self-detection
  • 08-

    Charger abuse resistant design
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