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Company Profile

Phylion, a global new energy application service provider, was established in 2003. Based on the technology of the Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, it is a well-known high-tech enterprise of power lithium battery in China.
After 20 years of development, Phylion has carried out global industrial layout, with 4 production bases in Suzhou, Chuzhou, Indonesia and Hungary, and 4 subsidiaries in Europe, India, Southeast Asia and Singapore. At the same time, it has laid out the battery raw material business “Phylion Qingyuan”, the battery operation brand “Power Up the City” and the battery recycling business “Phylion New Material”, opening up the whole industry chain ecological evolution. The products are mainly used in new energy fields such as electric vehicles, energy storage and electric light vehicles.
By 2023, Phylion lithium batteries are exported to 30 countries and regions, such as Germany and France, and the cumulative sales of power lithium batteries exceed 28 million units, leading the world in shipments for six consecutive years, and supporting over 300,000 electric vehicles.

20 years of experience specializing in the R&D
and manufacturing of power batteries

Development course


Globalized Industrial Layout

While vigorously developing the domestic market, Phylion takes the lead in entering the overseas new energy market. Accelerating global industrial layout with simultaneous progress at home and abroad, we build a global R&D, manufacturing, sales and operation supply system, and Play "Made in China" in the field of power batteries

A global provider of new energy applications

Phylion’s continuing leap into the home energy storage market and the A-class new energy vehicle market is built on its solid market share leadership in light vehicles; and Phylion also accelerates to become a global, full-scene, full-industry chain new energy application service provider
  • Urban short-distance transport

    e-bikes, e-motorcycles, e-trikes, e-scooters, power exchange

  • Energy storage systems

    power generation, commercial and industrial energy storage, home energy storage, portable power

  • Power exchange operations

    centralised and universal power exchange for multiple scenarios

  • Electric vehicle ecology

    passenger cars, special vehicles, power exchange, charging yards

  • PV solutions, Small size energy storage, Off-grid solutions

    monitoring equipment, solar street lights, back-up power...

  • Electrified equipment, Fielded, Unmanned

    robots, AGVs, power tools, drones

Advantages of Phylion

Our Values

  • Vision

    Leading diversified applications of lithium-ion batteries in the new energy field
    Building the first-class power lithium-ion battery brand in the world
  • Mission

    Make better batteries that power better life of people
  • Strategic Concept

    Absolute Safety,
    Optimized Cost-efficiency,
    Quality Assurance,Competitive Service
  • Core Culture

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