Giving "urban minerals"
A second life

Phylion new materials focus on battery recycling and secondary use

Old batteries get a new lease of life

Phylion has established a sustainable recycling pattern to achieve true resource recycling

Five core businesses

Reuse, recycling and dismantling of retired automotive power batteries and light vehicle power batteries.

Four core benefits

  • Laying out a large-scale recycling network based on a stock of 10 million units

    Based on the market share of Phylion's 10 million groups, we will establish recycling channels and build a recycling system.
  • Advanced equipment break through the barrier of lithium battery recycling

    Targeted research and development of equipment aim to solve the problem of inconsistent battery types and to achieve automation.
  • A professional team twenty years of experience continues to advance cutting-edge technology exploration.

    Deep cultivated in the lithium industry for 20 years, we have deep knowledge of the battery cells in all aspects and solve the technical problems in the battery recycling process.
  • The whole life cycle of a battery cell is under control and in perfection.

    Phylion has full-lifecycle traceability management from birth, use and end-of-life of the battery core: standardized production, process management and data traceability system.

Recycling business consulting

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