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(October 23, Chuzhou, Anhui) Zhang Xiangan, Secretary of Chuzhou municipal Party committee, together with leaders of relevant leading groups, leaders of China Bicycle Association, leaders of local bicycle industry associations, representatives of upstream and downstream enterprises of electric bicycle industry, press representatives and Feng Xiao (Tony Feng), Chairman of the board of directors of the company and nearly 200 people participated in the grand event (hereinafter referred to as "Phylion"), witnessed the brand-new products of Phylion with the release of brand strategy, China electric vehicle lithium battery partner action initiative, Phylion's new generation lithium battery technology "super li S7" and the release of brand-new domestic service plan, congratulated Phylion's 16 million lithium batteries offline. As a leading brand in the power lithium battery industry, Phylion has issued a new brand strategy, committed to become the global leader of lithium batteries for electric vehicles and shoulder the banner of lithium battery popularization for light electric vehicles.

Imagine the general trend of industrial development and focus on "Making lithium batteries that make people happy."
At the beginning of the conference, Feng Xiao, Chairman and President of Phylion, delivered a speech on the theme of "17 years of original intention, 17 years of struggle, 17 years of Phylion, and 17 years of Phylion to be a lithium battery that makes people feel happy". He reviewed the founding and development process of Phylion, explained the development and changes of lithium batteries for electric two wheeler and the development process of Phylion technology products. He also looked forward to the future, and described the feelings and ambition of Phylion to be the world's top of power lithium battery. Feng Xiao said: "Phylion's vision of lithium battery is that the user target will move forward from 100 million to 1 billion, the market will move from China to the world, and the products will change from electric two wheelers to a full range of electric transportation, and our enterprise positioning will change from a lithium battery supplier to a comprehensive power and energy service provider. And this depends on the continuous innovation of products. Innovation is not on paper, it is not a treat, it is hard work, and it is indomitable. "

Yao Zhi, vice mayor of Chuzhou City, elaborated the importance of lithium battery industry from national policy, energy development and Chuzhou development. “At the same time, we commended the contributions made by Phylion to environmental protection, local economic development and employment. We also promised to support the development of Phylion, and we also had high expectations for its future.”

Guo Wenyu, Vice President and Secretary General of China Bicycle Association, Zhang Xiaofei, Chairman of Gaogong Lithium Battery Co., Ltd., and other guests respectively delivered speeches on the stage. They expressed their profound opinions on the development trend and necessity of lithium electrification in the industry and highly affirmed the leading role of Phylion in the industry.

Phylion issued a brand new strategy and proposed "China electric vehicle lithium battery partner action"
As a leading enterprise in power lithium battery R&D and manufacturing, Phylion always pursues intelligent manufacturing, user-oriented, striving for improvement, persisting in continuous innovation and subversion of tradition. It has achieved many leading positions in technology, quality, safety, market and service, and will continue to surpass itself and promote industrial reform. Driven by such market ambition, Li Shenghua (Andrew Lee), Vice President of Phylion, released a brand new brand strategy of Phylion, “the global leader of lithium battery for electric vehicles.”
Under the guidance of this brand strategy, as the industry leader, Phylion has the confidence and ability to grasp the historical opportunities, lead the industry forward and promote the popularization of lithium battery. Therefore, Phylion, together with the electric vehicle industry association and the upstream and downstream enterprises of the electric vehicle industry chain, jointly launched the "China electric vehicle lithium battery partnership action".

Li Shenghua, Vice President of Phylion, pointed out that the theme of the proposal will be "better lithium". By promoting the popularization of lithium battery, expanding the scale of the industry, improving travel life and releasing technology dividends, we will jointly create convenient conditions for building a better society, a better industrial development prospect and a better travel experience for the people. At the same time, he said, "the next step of the" China EV lithium battery partnership action "initiative will be in category promotion, product promotion, model innovation, value promotion, safety standards, service upgrading, technical innovation, product customization, and coordinated actions."

Once the initiative was launched, it was quickly supported by the upstream and downstream partners of the industrial chain. At the initiative ceremony, many industry partners made a special trip to China Bicycle Association, bicycle associations and related units, E-bike head enterprises, sharing motorcycle head brands, and effective dealers, as well as positive response from upstream partners in the industry chain.

The fruit of disruptive innovation, the perfect battery "super lithium S7" suitable for the whole scene
Dr. Li Hong, an expert from the Institute of physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, was also invited to explain the development direction of lithium battery technology, especially the value of manganese lithium and the future development trend of lithium battery technology. Dr. Li Hong affirmed the application of manganese lithium technology in electric light vehicles, and said that Xingheng has made great contributions to the research and development of composite lithium manganate in the industry for many years.

Undoubtedly, the most exciting part of the conference was the technology release part. The new technology of Phylion "Super Li S7", which was built by the 7th generation manganese based multi-element composite lithium technology, was brought to the press conference site by UAV. The unique way of appearing on the stage made the guests present admire each other.

Zhao Chenglong, President of battery research institute, led by Phylion, the frontier research team of material system, elaborated on the technical development background, technical ideas, core advantages, industrial value, product application and marketing planning of the new "Super Li S7" technology. Zhao Chenglong said that the 7th generation of manganese based multi-element composite lithium technology is the master of many advantages in the current lithium battery technology. It combines the advantages of lithium manganate, lithium ternary and iron lithium, and is the crystallization of disruptive innovation. It gives full play to the technical reserves and innovative spirit of Phylion in the field of battery materials, and can be regarded as the "perfect battery" with "no weakness".

In other words, it has the advantages of superior performance at room temperature, high-temperature cycling, excellent high-temperature cycling performance, excellent high-temperature cycling performance, excellent high-temperature cycling performance, excellent high-temperature discharge performance, high-temperature cycling performance and excellent performance. In terms of application scenarios, by flexibly adjusting the formula, it can create multi-purpose products, covering light electric vehicles, electric vehicles, home energy storage / 5G base station and rail transit / Marine. It is reported that "Super Li S7" has completed the technical verification at the end of 2019, and will be launched in a small batch in April 2020. Now, it has been successfully applied to WULING Hongguang mini EV and shared motorcycles. It is expected that by the end of 2020, it will be shipped to the civil electric bicycle market.
Perceive consumer demand, upgrade lithium battery sales & consumption experience, the brand new "Phylion Service Plan"
Since its first entry into the E-bike market in 2006, Phylion has taken insight into the needs of consumers as its own responsibility, and has been keen on innovation to continuously improve the technical content, durability and safety of lithium batteries for light vehicles. While pursuing cost performance, it has also enhanced the user experience with intelligent applications.

In this conference, Li Lingfeng, Director of Phylion Product Center, announced a new "Phylion Service Plan", which will lead the new direction of lithium battery service by raising the service level and improving the lithium battery sales & consumption experience. He said that in the future, Phylion will provide seven service upgrades, including service concept upgrading, service mode upgrading, service technology upgrading, service channel upgrading, service support upgrading, service commitment upgrading and service quality assurance upgrading. “Specifically, we will pay attention to the satisfaction of customers (dealers & partners) and end users at the same time; initiate localization authorization, delegate the quality problem determination authority to terminal stores, and accelerate the timeliness of troubleshooting; at the same time, we will provide more support in terms of personnel, costs and materials.”
At the same time, the Smart 4.0 was announced to be delivered for use. It can quickly detect in 3 minutes, adapt to all domestic products of Phylion, realize remote intelligent interaction and complete compensation on the same day, so as to be closer to and serve users better and faster.

In order to leave an intuitive impression on the guests and the audience, Feng Xiao, Chairman and President of Xingheng power supply, Li Shenghua and Luo Jing, vice presidents and other senior leaders of Phylion vividly demonstrated the service scene of Phylion after upgrading the service system in the form of role-playing video from the aspects of quality assurance commitment, rapid detection and after-sales support.
Witness the high light moment in history, welcome the No. 16 million lithium battery of Phylion rolling out of the production line
Throughout the whole conference, there was also the pressing part, that is, the whole process of the No. 16 million lithium battery of Phylion.

In the process of the press conference, the guests on the scene experienced the No. 16 million lithium battery of Phylion through different processes such as material mixing, coating, lamination, assembly and offline, etc., as if they were in Chuzhou lithium battery production line.

When the robot delivered the No. 16 million lithium battery to the venue, the atmosphere reached a climax, and there were applause from the stage and the audience. This is a milestone moment for Phylion, which is closer to its vision of becoming a "world-class power lithium battery brand". It is also a highlight of China's lithium battery industry.
Welcome the industry inovation, promote cooperation, promote new products, upgrade services, and create a better future
After more than ten years of continuous development, China's light electric vehicle market has nearly 300 million vehicles, with an average annual output of more than 30 million vehicles. The implementation of the mandatory national standard of safety technical specification for electric bicycle has speeded up the popularization of power lithium battery in China. Looking around the world, lithium light vehicles also enter a period of rapid growth, with a compound growth rate of 20%.
In the face of the once-in-a-lifetime market opportunity, Phylion has insight into the opportunities, gives full play to the advantages of leading enterprises in the industry, and jointly promotes and issues the "China electric vehicle lithium battery partner action" initiative with its upstream and downstream industry chain partners. This joint vertical and horizontal measure is expected to condense the industry consensus, give full play to the common advantages, and accelerate the orderly and efficient growth of the lithium light vehicle market.
By introducing the perfect battery "Super Li S7" suitable for all scenarios and upgrading the global "Phylion Service Plan", Phylion has realized the upgrading of products and services. The power solutions for lithium-ion light electric vehicles created by the former will comprehensively improve the technical level of the industry and indicate the development path. The latter will deepen the consumer service and innovate the user experience, which will help the consumption upgrading of the light electric vehicle market. It is reasonable to believe that after this new product & service upgrade, the lithium light vehicle industry will usher in a better tomorrow, and will benefit millions of consumers. Under the guidance of the brand-new brand strategy of "global leader of lithium batteries for electric vehicles", Phylion provides affordable and reliable lithium battery products for consumers all over the world through technological innovation, process upgrading, and changes in business model, product marketing and management mode.

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