AIMA Joined the Phylion Partner Program

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August 26 is a great day to be remembered. Phylion Battery and Aima electric vehicle held a grand signing ceremony of "Phylion Partner Program" in Phylion Chuzhou base.

Aima Technology Group has officially joined the "Phylion Partner Program" launched by Phylion, and both sides have reached a strategic partnership, which marks a milestone in the innovation of cooperation between Aima and Phylion. Feng Xiao, Chairman and CEO of Phylion, and Gao Hui, President of two wheeled vehicle division of Aima technology group, attended the signing ceremony.

The cooperation between Phylion and Aima began in 2007. Aima is the first strategic partner of Phylion to mass supply lithium batteries for two wheeled vehicles.  After 13 years of development, both sides have become the leaders in the electric two wheelers industry and lithium battery industry of electric vehicles. Through the "Phylion Partner Program" signed this time, Phylion and Aima will carry out closer cooperation, comprehensively penetrate into all aspects of products, brands and supply chain, and jointly create high-quality lithium battery products for the industry and consumers.

During the signing ceremony, Feng Xiao, Chairman and CEO of Phylion Battery Co., Ltd., said: "the cooperation between Phylion and Aima has not been smooth from small to large, from more than 100,000 units a year to millions of units a year. This is the result of unremitting efforts, continuous innovation and improvement of both sides. We also sincerely thank Aima for its firm trust and support. The signing of the "Phylion Partner Program" also represents the beginning of better cooperation. Next, we will comprehensively carry out strategic cooperation, fully support Aima from product research and development, brand promotion, supply chain construction, and even the sharing of new business models, so as to promote the rapid development of both sides. "

"The future of electric vehicles is about batteries," said Gao Hui, President of Aima Technology Group's two wheeled vehicle division. As the core component of electric two wheeled vehicles, batteries are the direct source of their power. The introduction of the "new national standard" has promoted the upgrading of electric vehicles to lithium batteries. As the cost of lithium batteries continues to decline and users pay more attention to performance and quality, the penetration rate of lithium battery models is increasing. Aima and Phylion has made great breakthroughs in battery energy density, cycle times, portability, etc. in this year's peak sales season, Aima's new luxury lithium batteries which supplied by Phylion have received good feedback both in the driving experience of consumers and the feedback from terminal sales. We hope that in the future, through the "Phylion Partner Program", we can rapidly promote closer cooperation between each other to greet the new era of luxury lithium-ion batteries of electric vehicles. "

As the "global leader of lithium batteries for electric vehicles", Phylion has been committed to "making consumers happy with lithium batteries". It has been trusted by more than 10 million users around the world, and its global sales volume is far ahead. As the leader of the electric vehicle industry, Aima has set a fashion and high-quality benchmark for the industry, and has become the world's super popular electric vehicle - "global sales, real leader" ”The two sides complement each other in concept and strength. Phylion and Aima's strong alliance, hand in hand, win-win, will certainly stimulate more infinite possibilities, write a new chapter in the electric vehicle industry, and promote the healthy development of safe travel and green travel.

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