Feng Xiao, CEO of Phylion, was invited to attend the 13th Gao Gong Lithium battery Industry Summit

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On June 11, Feng Xiao, chairman and President of Phylion battery, was invited to attend the 13th Gao Gong Lithium Battery Industry Summit. At the conference, he delivered a keynote speech entitled "lithium electrification battle in light vehicle market".

"The global lithium battery industry is experiencing explosive growth and will maintain a high growth trend in the future. With the cost of lithium battery greatly reduced and the technical performance greatly improved, lithium battery will move towards more and more application scenarios. Industry competition has entered the stage of "quality competition" from "quantity competition" Feng Xiao said.
"Just as in a formal meeting, you should wear a suit; a shirt is qualified, but not the best; a T-shirt is unqualified. It's the same with making batteries. In different application scenarios, we follow the needs to achieve the ultimate, rather than qualified. " According to Feng Xiao, "based on accurate use scenarios, user needs, behavior habits and consumption levels, we can build our own unique product service advantages by making lithium batteries that truly meet user needs."
Lithium electrification of light vehicles is speeding up, industry policies, demand changes, model innovation and other multiple factors are superimposed, driving the rapid development of lithium batteries of light vehicles. The logic lies are: first, the new national standard policy of electric two wheeler promotes the popularization of lithium battery; second, the trend of younger consumers and upgrading of consumption is obvious, and lithium battery meets the new demand; third, the way of travel of consumers has changed, and lithium battery helps more model innovation; Fourth, tens of millions of people ride and change lithium battery every day, accelerating the cultivation of lithium battery consumption. "
"Especially under the influence of the epidemic," one person with one vehicle "travel mode is replacing short-distance transportation travel mode; at the same time, the rapid development of take out, distribution, express delivery and other service industries are promoting the rapid development of lithium battery bicycles." Feng Xiao said.
In line with Feng Xiao's judgment, the sales volume of lithium electric two wheelers has maintained a substantial growth for five years, with the growth rate of more than 30%, and the growth rate reached 65.5% in 2019. In 2019, the lithium penetration rate of electric two wheelers reached 19%.
According to GGII, by 2023, the volume of lithium batteries for light vehicles will exceed 25gwh, with a compound growth rate of 34.7% in 2020-2023.
The developing of the two wheeled lithium battery market has attracted many foreign lithium battery factories, traditional lead-acid battery factories and power battery giants to enter the market. The industry competition is increasingly fierce.
According to Feng Xiao, there are more and more entrants, and the industry will inevitably be full of firewood. At the same time, there are different market rules in different segments, For Phylion, respect for competitors will put pressure on Phylion, and we are willing to share our experience with the industry.                 
Phylion has established six standards for lithium battery products of electric light vehicles with deep understanding of the market:
1. More safe. Ensure battery safety in all aspects from material selection to core structure design, to pack design (ipx7 waterproof, V0 flame retardant).
2. Lighter in weight, weighs one third of the lead-acid battery of the same capacity, and its volume is one quarter. It is easy to extract and convenient to charge.
3. More durable, three times the lead-acid battery warranty, three years warranty, use five years, longer life, more solid and durable.
4. Better low-temperature performance. The battery can still release 90% of the electricity under – 20℃, to solve the short range problem of lead-acid batteries and NCM lithium-ion batteries.
5. Better mileage performance. Under the same capacity, it runs 10km more than the traditional battery. User's actual data: the lithium tram equipped with Phylion 4824 can ride 113.2km.      
6. More cost-effective, the cost keep approaching lead-acid batteries, more cost-effective, to achieve value for money.
Deep ploughing into the lithium battery market of light vehicles, and keeping up with the market, Phylion has become the leader in this segment. As a global leader in lithium batteries for light vehicles, Phylion has shipped 11.36 million sets of products. Its products are exported to 22 countries and regions including Germany and France, and its global sales volume is far ahead.
In Feng Xiao's opinion, the application scenario of light vehicle lithium battery is more complex and severe than other subdivisions. Making lithium battery should be based on the terminal and respect the user's demand. Only after a long term of market verification can enterprises establish a real moat.

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