Tailing joined the Phylion Partner Program

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On May 25, Phylion and its strategic partner, Tailing group, signed the "Phylion Partner Program" at Tailing Wuxi base. Tailing group announced to officially join the "Phylion Partner Program" which means that there will be another Phylion partner! Feng Xiao, Chairman and President of Phylion, and Sun Muchu, Executive President of Tailing group attended the signing ceremony.

Since 2020, the outbreak of the corona virus epidemic has not stopped Phylion and Tailing from moving forward together. In the post epidemic era, the two sides will carry out closer cooperation in product research and development, terminal promotion, marketing activities and other aspects through the signed "Phylion Partner Program", and establish a safe, light, durable and far-reaching benchmark for lithium electric two wheeler with the help of the powerful combination of two sides.

At the launch ceremony, Sun Muchu, CEO of Tailing group, said, "As a leading enterprise in the field of lithium battery, Phylion has rich technology reserves and R & D and production capacity, and its products can stand the test." "With the joint efforts of the two teams, we ushered in the moment of mastering the national patented power saving technology and running farther for the Tailing new national standard lithium electric two wheelers.” “We will fully show the outstanding demeanor of Phylion lithium battery and Tailing electric vehicle in the era of new national standard, and also prove to consumers that our products could run further." Said the Chairman and President of Phylion.


As a global leader in lithium batteries for electric two wheelers, for 16 years, Phylion has always adhered to the original intention of making lithium batteries that make consumers feel happy. Phylion lithium battery is safe, light, durable and can run far in winter. Its products had been exported to 22 countries and regions such as Germany and France, winning the favor of more than 10 million users in the world. Together, Phylion and Tailing will stimulate new vitality of both sides, open a new chapter of lithium battery popularization in the electric vehicle industry, and bring better riding experience for consumers and contribute to green travel!



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