Phylion marks the manufacturing of its 10 millionth battery

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Suzhou: China’s leading li-ion battery manufacturer, Phylion Battery co Ltd successfully completed the production of 10 million batteries. Phylion rolled out their first battery from the product line in the year 2003. Fifteen years later, in 2016, 4 million lithium batteries of Phylion were sold globally for light electric vehicles; by the end of 2018, 8 million batteries were sold. The 10 millionth lithium-ion battery came off the assembly line in the year 2019.


On achieving this milestone, Feng Xiao, Chairman and President of Phylion Battery said, “Making lithium battery is a conscience work. We can't suddenly rise and disappear like web celebrated stores. To make lithium batteries, we need to be very pragmatic and rigorous. We can't make any mistakes because we are responsible to millions of users. Safety and quality are always the first priority. Since its inception, Phylion has made up its mind to focus on both quality and cost. The goal is to make safe and affordable power lithium-ion batteries for the people.”


"10 million sets which is a new milestone, it represents the trust and recognition of tens of millions of users to Phylion, while at the same time, these 10 million sets are only a small goal. Means that we are a step further from our next goal." Feng Xiao added.


Phylion’s keen focus on safety and quality of their batteries has been the main growth driver. For the strong 15 years in the industry; Phylion has achieved many milestones and is growing ever since.


With the implementation of the new national standard for electric bicycles, lithium-ion batteries will be widely used in the lightweight and intelligent process of electric bicycles. It is expected that in the next 1-2 years, the market of lithium-ion electric bicycles will span from millions to tens of millions.




Dr. Zhang Xiaofei, Chairman of Gaogong Lithium-ion Battery Industry Research Company congratulated Phylion, he said: "Since 2000, many power battery companies have entered the electric bicycle industry, but now they have disappeared. Phylion has been focusing on sub-areas, its electric bicycle lithium battery global sales are far ahead of the achievements, and has set an example for the industry.”


Thanks to the advantages of many years of intensive cultivation in the industry, products and technical experience, Phylion constantly develops new technologies to match new models, such as efficient after-sales APP online detection service model, vehicle-based intelligent service platform model.

After-sale APP realizes on-line detection mode, which can complete problem judgment in 3 minutes, quickly realize battery detection and maintenance; Intelligent service platform system can realize rapid diagnosis, fast remote upgrade of the e-system, E-system commissioning and data management and management of the running state and moving trail of the vehicle system.


Through the innovation of technology and mode, the electric vehicle industry will be upgraded to the direction of high safety, high quality and intelligence.



Today, the global LEV battery sales of Phylion has reached 10 million sets, which is the affirmation of the market and users for the past efforts it made. Phylion will continue to cultivate the global power lithium-ion battery market in the future, it will expand a broader market besides China, Europe and India to contribute to the global e-mobility.


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