Phylion Received 922 Million Yuan in Pre-IPO Financing, Accelerating the Process of Capitalization

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A few days ago, the leading domestic power lithium battery manufacturer Phylion Battery started Pre-IPO financing, and obtained a total of 922 million yuan of strategic investment from PCCW Capital, National Electricity Investment Industry Fund, Haitong New Energy, Haitong Innovation Securities, Boxin Fund and its managed funds, with a pre-investment valuation of 4.05 billion yuan. After obtaining this round of financing, Phylion will complete the adjustment of ownership structure, rapidly promote the global market strategy, and further stabilize its leading position in the field of subdivision. At the same time, it will rapidly promote the listing of capital markets, including but not limited to Science and technology innovation board. This round of financing is an important process for Phylion to enter the capital market.





Phylion was established in December 2003, with lithium manganate as the core, including manganese multi-component composite lithium power battery production lines, is a well-known domestic high-tech power lithium battery enterprises.


On the basis of Suzhou Base, in 2018, Phylion built a 50GWh lithium battery production base in Chuzhou Suchu Modern Industrial Park, Anhui Province, covering a total area of 1000 mu. The first 3.5GWh production line will be completed and put into operation in May 2019. In 2019, the company expects to produce more than 5GWh in the whole year and more than 10GWh in 2020. Phlion has launched a global industrial layout, Phylion Europe and Phylion India have been established one after another, and plans to build overseas production bases in South Asia, rapidly entering the ranks of 10 billion enterprises.




Over the past 15 years, Phylion has pioneered a unique lithium manganate prismatic laminated battery cell technology based on the technology of CAS. Its products are mainly used in new energy fields such as LEV and EV.


In the field of LEV, Phylion has taken the lead in breaking through 8 million sets of sales worldwide, leading the world in lithium batteries shipments of LEV for many years. It is the No.1 lithium battery supplier of electric bicycle in China, accounting for more than 50%. It is the second largest lithium battery supplier in European electric bicycle industry, and has achieved breakthroughs and rapid development in South Asia.


In the field of electric vehicles, Phylion has cooperated with mainstream automobile factories such as Chang An, Geely, Chery, Reich and Dongfeng to provide power for 45,000 electric vehicles by the end of 2018. Its products include BEV, electric multi-purpose passenger vehicles, electric logistics vehicles, electric trucks, electric sanitation vehicles, etc. Especially in the field of electric logistics vehicle matching volume ranked the top three.





Over the past five years, the combined annual growth rate of revenue from Phylion has exceeded 50%. In 2018, the total installed capacity of power lithium batteries for Phylion LEV and EV is about 2.13GWh, which is the fourth largest power lithium battery company in China.


In 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology revised the "Technical Specification for Electric Bicycle Safety" (hereinafter referred to as the "New National Standard"), requiring that the quality of electric bicycles (including batteries) should not exceed 55kg, which greatly limits the weight of batteries. After the implementation of the "New National Standard" on April 15, 2019, the process of "Lead to Lithium" in the electric bicycle market will be greatly accelerated. As the leader of the electric bicycle market, Phylion has a strong core competitiveness, which will quickly replace the existing market share of lead-acid batteries. In the future, electric tricycles, low-speed four-wheeled vehicles and household energy storage will have a broader market prospects.




After 15 years of intensive industrial cultivation, Phylion has become the world's leader of LEV lithium battery industry by virtue of excellent product quality and outstanding cost-effective advantages. In the next few years, it will fully benefit from the explosive growth of LEV lithium battery market. At the same time, Phylion will further occupy a large proportion of the market segments in the field of electric vehicles, which require higher cost performance, and become the leading enterprise of EV power batteries.



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