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On January 20, the celebration of the 15th anniversary of Phylion and the unveiling ceremony of Chuzhou Base were successfully held in Chuzhou. Zhang Xiangan, Secretary of the Chuzhou Municipal Committee, Xu Jiwei, Mayor of Chuzhou City and other delegations attended the ceremony. More than 100 guests from the main departments of Chuzhou Municipal Government, domestic and foreign customers, partners and trade associations participated in the event.




Phylion was established for 15 years, focusing on the research and development and manufacture of power lithium batteries. After 15 years of exploration and innovation, it has created a manganese-based multi-component lithium complex line with lithium manganate as the core. The products are widely used in electric vehicles, light electric vehicles, energy storage and other fields. By the end of 2018, the Phylion lithium-ion batteries will have assembled 45,000 electric vehicles and 8 million light vehicle end users worldwide, leading the sales.


Feng Xiao, Chairman and President of Phylion, delivered a speech. Feng Xiao said that for 15 years, Phylion's original intention has been to catch up with the world's leading companies in technology and quality, to catch up with lead-acid batteries in cost, and to bring excessive returns to shareholders and employees in the long run. In future, Phylion should be more focused, open up ideas, make great strides in innovation, and innovate in technology, mode, management, and even capital in an all-round way to reach the sales of tens of billions and tens of millions of units.




Mr. Xu Jiwei, mayor of Chuzhou, on behalf of the Chuzhou Municipal Committee and the municipal government, warmly congratulates the unveiling of the Chuzhou Base of Phylion. He said that Phylion is a well-known enterprise in the lithium battery industry. Phylion, together with its core suppliers, has built Chuzhou project into one of the most important production bases of the company, which not only shows the deep foresight of the company's management, but also shows the deep trust in Chuzhou.




In this event, Mr. Lu Jinlong, Director of the Motorcycle Professional Committee of China Bicycle Association, Chairman of Jiangsu Bicycle Electric Vehicle Association, Mr. Li Hong, Research Fellow of Physics Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Mr. Wang Weidong, Chairman of Shenzhen Winghe Science and Technology Co., Ltd. delivered speeches successively, expressing warm congratulations on the 15th anniversary of Phylion, the unveiling of Chuzhou Base and the flourishing future of Phylion. Development is full of confidence.




By occasion of the 15th anniversary of Phylion, the unveiling of Phylion Battery (Chuzhou) Co., Ltd. is a key step in the global industrial layout of Phylion. Taking Suchu Modern Industrial Park as the second largest production base of Phylion, the company has gained a broader platform, which is conducive to the rapid development of the company in the future. Phylion Chuzhou Base project covers an area of 1000 mu, with a total design capacity of 50GWh. The project is divided into four phases, the first phase of the project with the planning capacity of 5GWh, has started construction in 2018,  and will complete and put into operation in April 2019; the second phase of the project is scheduled to be completed and put into operation by the end of 2020; the overall project is scheduled to be completed in 2022. In the future, Phylion will continue to build many production bases, and now plans to build overseas production bases in Eastern Europe and South Asia to speed up its entry into the ranks of 10 billion enterprises.






"Fifteen years of stumbling, another ten years of new journey" In the next ten years, one of the core strategies of Phylion is two-wheel drive. Facing the historic development opportunities of light vehicles, Phylion will concentrate its advantages, accelerate the replacement of lithium-ion to lead-acid, and become the leader in this field. In the face of the long-term war of new energy vehicles, Phylion will be more stable and steadfast, and work with the vehicle enterprises to do the national car steadily, so as to become the main supplier of passenger car batteries in the field of electric vehicles. Phylion will become the leading enterprise in the international new energy industry through two-wheel drive and global industrial layout.


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