“Safety Makes the Future” — Feng Xiao, Chairman of Phylion Tells You How to Choose Lithium-ion Batte

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On October 26, the 36th Nanjing Exhibition opened its curtain. During the "20 years Summit Forum on the Development of Chinese Electric Bicycle Industry" of the same time, Feng Xiao, chairman of Phylion Battery, was invited to deliver a speech on "Safety Make the Future." His interpretation and analysis, won the high praise from industry players.


Feng Xiao believes that in the new GB era, safety is the most important factor of the lithium electrification for electric bicycle.

On May 15, 2018, the Technical Specification for Safety of Electric Bicycle (New National Standard) was officially issued. The new GB has put forward higher requirements for the safety of electric bicycle, indicating that lithium electrification of electric bicycle is imperative.

At the same time, the price of lead rises, the cost of lithium battery relative the price of lead acid one drops substantially, and the performance is better than lead acid. Driven by new national standards and cost performance, lithium-battery electric vehicles are expected to explode, with production expected to exceed tens of millions in 2019.


So how to choose safe lithium batteries?

Feng Xiao said that a large number of lithium batteries with multiple life cycles and long-term market validation are the most safe and reliable.


The potential safety hazards of lithium batteries mainly come from short circuit inside the core, rough and simple assembly of PACK, lack of understanding and understanding of the harsh application scenarios of lithium trams, abuse of chargers, unreasonable design and so on. Therefore, the above factors must be taken into account when selecting lithium batteries.

Proper cathode materials and safe core structure should be selected. At present, among the existing cathode materials, lithium manganate has good overcharge resistance, which can inhibit the formation of lithium dendrite and prevent short circuit inside the battery. Considering its low temperature resistance and power performance, lithium manganate is the most suitable cathode material for lithium batteries for electric bicycles at this stage. In the cell structure, the prismatic structure has less internal resistance and better heat dissipation than the cylindrical structure. Compared with the winding structure, it has enough margins to prevent the short circuit of the positive and negative plates caused by the thermal shrinkage of the diaphragm.

When choosing lithium battery products, we should not only look at the test reports of samples, but also pay attention to the consistency and safety of mass production. Only batteries that have been tested in large quantities, many lifecycles and long-term markets are the most trustworthy.


Phylion lithium battery ensure the safety of vehicles without blind angle

Phylion Battery, focused on power lithium battery manufacturing for 15 years. After a long-term market test, the product has sold 7 million sets of lithium batteries for light electric vehicles, leading the sales in the industry.


Phylion attaches great importance to the safety of lithium-ion batteries. Phylion has been rooted in the lithium-ion market since its inception with the goal of "making electric vehicle batteries affordable and easy to use". Fifteen years of market inspection and product iteration have enabled it to continuously upgrade its technology and manufacturing level and optimize its product system. At present, Phylion has fully guaranteed the high reliability and safety of lithium batteries in materials, cells, BMS, PACK, chargers and service platforms.

Super lithium manganate cathode material patented by Phylion can effectively inhibit the formation of lithium dendrite and prevent short circuit inside batteries;

The prismatic plate laminated cell technology has small internal resistance and good heat dissipation;

Unique patents of penetration welding, sealing and formation, safety valve, ensure the safety and sealing of cells safety;

Intelligent BMS supports remote monitoring, charging and discharging full protection, especially charging protection;

In PACK design, large capacity cells are selected with fewer parallel, simplicity, efficiency and safety. The design of waterproof grade and flame retardant is higher than that of national standard;

The charger of Phylion, special identification interface and intelligent handshake protocol, double guarantee the charging safety;

The original vehicle electrical system service platform integrates the electronic control system; the front and back end of the series supply chain, realizes the real-time diagnosis of the whole vehicle, and optimizes the matching of the vehicle electrical system.


Only when every link is safe, the lithium battery is really safe, and it is the only way for the lithium battery enterprise to develop healthily. Security is the only way to have a bright future!

Finally, Feng Xiao said that Phylion is willing to do its best to improve the safety of lithium-ion electric vehicles, share the safety design of connecting parts, and share the charging handshake agreement!

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