Phylion's Overseas Business goes to a Higher Level by Participating Three Exhibitions around th

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In September 2018, Phylion participated in top exhibitions in the United and India to accelerate the overseas market.


2018 INTERBIKE: Grab the opportunity and expand the North American market

Phylion participated in 2018 INTERBIKE exhibition from September 18th to September 20th in Reno, Nevada, USA. The North American market is one of the overseas markets that Phylion attaches great importance to. Its electric bicycle is developing rapidly. In the first half of 2018, the import volume of American electric bicycle increased by more than 140% compared with last year.


During the exhibition, the innovative battery, solid E-system solutions and the leading service platform of Phylion have received recognition from mass of professional audiences.


Electric bicycles have a high degree of similarity between North American market and European market, and the main products are boost E-bikes. As the second largest lithium battery supplier in Europe, Phylion actively explore the North American market. Until August 2018, Phylion has accumulated sales of more than 400,000 batteries in North American market. At the exhibition, Phylion communicated deeply with many customers and reached cooperation intention. In future, the North American market will become another important part of Phylion's overseas business.


2018 REI: Actively exploring energy storage market

 Phylion has attended the Indian Renewable Energy Exhibition (REI) in Greater Noida, India from September 18th to September 20th. It has been developing the LEV market and actively explores the energy storage market.


REI has become a must-attend renewable energy event in the Asia Pacific region, with over 30,000 industry visitors from Asia. At the REI show, 98% of energy storage customers were related to solar energy storage. The demands for high-power lithium batteries are obvious in the residential energy storage projects. 

Phylion displayed 1833, 21150, 26148, 37192 and 48174 battery cells and latest modules in the REI to meet the needs of energy storage projects. During the exhibition, Phylion's technical team conducted in-depth exchanges and cooperation with Indian customers on residential energy storage projects. Phylion actively explored the Indian energy storage market and laid a solid foundation for overseas business.


2018 the Battery Show: Grasp product trends for the new applications of the Lithium-ion battery

The Battery Show 2018 carried on in Novi, MI, USA which from September 11th to September 13th. The show is one of the largest and most influential battery exhibitions in the world. The Battery Show Exhibition presents the latest on advanced battery technology for electric & hybrid vehicles, utility & renewable energy support, portable electronics, medical technology, military and telecommunications.

Phylion displayed a variety of products at this show. Its diversification of battery cells, modules and packs can respond to market trends and meet market demand of LEV, EV, electrical energy storage and other industrial applications.


Phylion has already powered more than 6 million LEVs globally. Its overseas businesses go to a higher level, while maintaining its advantages in Chinese LEV market. Besides the 2nd phase production base located in Chuzhou, China, the enterprise is planning to build overseas production bases in South Asia to meet the continuous demand for its power lithium batteries in different sectors. 

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