Liu Suwen, Chairman of China Bicycle Association, Visited Phylion Battery Co., Ltd.

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On the afternoon of September 12, Liu Suwen, chairman of the China Cycling Association, accompanied by Feng Xiao, president of Phylion Battery Co., Ltd., visited Phylion and attended a forum on the investigation of some export enterprises of the China Cycling Association. Leaders and experts from China Bicycle Association, Jiangsu Bicycle Association, Suzhou Business Bureau and Suzhou Bicycle Association also participated.



First of all, Liu Suwen and his party listened to the core technology, new product development, domestic and foreign business reports. Chairman Liu fully affirmed that Phylion focusing on the power lithium battery. 15 years of persistence and achievements in lithium battery product research and development and iterative upgrading to meet the requirements of national standards and market demand. Not only does lithium battery of Phylion for electric bicycle reach 6 million groups worldwide, it is the largest supplier of lithium battery for electric bicycle in China as well as the second largest in Europe. At the same time, Phylion is active in overseas distribution. Subsidiaries has established in both the Netherlands and India. And overseas production bases in South Asia and Eastern Europe are under active planning. Chairman Feng Xiao also introduced that it is precisely with the accumulation of experience in the production and manufacture of 6 million sets of electric bicycle batteries and the verification of the entire life cycle that these have become the foundation and added item of the electric vehicle products of Phylion.  And Phylion also ranks in the Top 10 of New Energy vehicle Battery matching capacity in 2017.


After that, Liu Suwen and his party visited the test center and automatic intelligent production line of Phylion. Then Chairman Liu examined in detail the production process of Phylion Battery, especially each set of testing equipment, to understand the production process and test standard of Phylion. Chairman Liu pointed out that with the landing and implementation of the new national standard, the safety of lithium battery products should receive special attention. As the leader of lithium battery enterprises for electric bicycles, Phylion should play an exemplary and leading role. Strengthen the docking and cooperation with electric bicycle enterprises and improve the safety performance of electric bicycle according to the new national standard and the requirements of electric bicycle electrical safety standard. For the past 15 years, Phylion has regarded safety quality and product quality and safety as the basis for the enterprise market, and "making power lithium batteries that are affordable and reassuring to the common people has been the goal of Phylion”, said Mr. Feng Xiao.


President Feng Xiao also introduced Chairman Liu of the production situation and production capacity planning. At present, the production capacity of Suzhou Plant reaches 3 billion Wh. And by the end of 2018, the production capacity can reach 5 billion Wh. With the commissioning of the first phase of the project of the Suchu Industrial Park Project, the capacity of the Phylion supply will reach 11 billion Wh in the second quarter of 2019. It can meet the needs of 11 million electric bicycles with 1 Wh and 300000 new energy vehicles with 40 Wh, which makes a good preparation for the market of lithium electricity after the implementation of the new national standard.


At last, Chairman Liu Suwen presided over the "China Bicycle Association part of Export Enterprise Research Forum". Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Suzhou Bicycle Association and Suzhou some major import and export enterprises participated in the forum. Chairman Liu listened to the enterprise report and pointed out that bicycle products are the key construction products of the Ministry of Commerce. Facing the new situation and new challenges in the development of the industry, the government, industry organizations and enterprises should form a joint effort to put forward practical and targeted products, Innovative suggestions, collective efforts to seek better development of the industry.


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