Phylion Blooming at the 2018 EuroBike with its New Products and System Service Platform

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The 2018 Eurobike Show was successfully held in Friedrichshafen, Germany from July 8th to July 10th. As one of the largest and most influential electric bicycle exhibitions around the world, the exhibition had brought together professional exhibitors of many countries. All of them displayed the latest and most valuable products at the show. This is the 9th time for Phylion to participate the Eurobike show ever since 2009. The innovative battery and smart battery management system and the leading service platform of Phylion have received recognition from mass of professional audiences.




Solid E-system Solution




In order to meet the development of customization and systematization of e- bike, the intelligent protection board of Phylion battery adopts a variety of mainstream communication methods and can be compatible with various systems. At the exhibition, Phylion demonstrated the compatibility of its battery with Brose and ANANDA these two systems. In particular, the cooperation and perfect compatibility with Brose shows that the Phylion battery can match the mainstream high-end motor and electronic control system in the current market. The wide match makes the Phylion battery meet the electrification and intelligent needs from customers.



Phylion Service Platform

During the exhibition, Phylion exhibited its e-bike system service platform. The platform is an extremely unique e-bike system tool which combined detection, diagnosis, commissioning with after-sales service., and can inspire and serve client‘s system creation. The functional design of the platform is one to two years ahead of the market. With these remarkable features, it grabbed a plenty of professional visitors’ attention. In future, Phylion will not only provide customers with high-quality and reliable battery products. At the same time, it is going to dedicate to the serve the e-bike system.



Diverse Products


Phylion also revealed a variety of e-bike battery products at the show. Its diversified product line would conform to the market trends sufficiently and meet the market demand as well. Among all products, what had been emphasized was the new battery product BN18 which complies with a new upgrade for EN15194:2017 and the SR20 battery product which is designed for the ultra-thin requirements of e-bike.




Phylion has now become the worldwide leading power lithium manufacturer, and has sold more than 5.2 million batteries in the global light electrical vehicle market (such as E-bike, E-scooter, etc.). Its overseas operations have reached a new level. The enterprise is planning to build overseas production bases in Europe and South Asia to meet the demand for its power lithium batteries in different sectors.


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