Phylion plans to build a brand new 25GWh production base in Chuzhou.

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March 28th, Phylion Battery Co., Ltd. - Suchu Modern Industrial Park project contract ceremony was held in Chuzhou City, Anhui Province. The signing ceremony was attended by Zhang Xiangan, secretary of the Chuzhou Municipal Party Committee, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee, mayor, first secretary of the party working committee of the Suchu Modern Industrial Park, and board chairman of Phylion Feng Xiao.


The project covers an area of about 700 mus, with a total investment of 10 billion Yuan and divided into four phases. The first phase of the project will invest 3 billion Yuan, which will be completed and put into operation in the second qusarter of 2019, with the production capacity of 6GWh. The second phase of the project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2020, with 12 production lines and 13GWh of power lithium battery production capacity. The overall project construction will be completed in 2022 and the production capacity will reach 25GWh.

Based on the power lithium battery market for 15 years, waiting for the opportunity

Over the past 15 years, relying on the technical support of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Phylion has created a unique manganese-type square plate stacked battery cell process, and established a complete product system, played a benchmarking role in the new energy vehicle and light electric vehicle industry.

Looking back, Phylion has been paying close attention to the products and getting knowing the market demand. We has not only obtained the user's approval, but also obtained the outstanding market achievement. In the field of new energy vehicles, the power battery capacity of Phylion of 2017 ranks among the nationwide top 10. We achieved strategic cooperation with Dongfeng, Changan, Chery, Ritchie, Wuling and many other domestic first-line vehicle enterprises, and provide power energy for 35000 electric vehicles in total; Our performance In the electric logistics vehicle market is also outstanding, which almost took the whole share of domestic lithium manganese acid battery of the special vehicle. In the field of light electric vehicles, Phylion has become the preferred supplier of domestic first-tire brands of electric bicycle, the second largest supplier in the European electric bicycle industry, and the first lithium battery supplier in South Asia which achieved a breakthrough and rapid development. Phylion’s shipment of electric bicycle lithium battery ranks first in the world for many years which is the first manufacturer who reaches 6 million groups, keep leading the development of the industry.

In view of the full pre-judgment of the market, the confidence in its own products and many years of steady operation, Phylion plans to build the production base of 25GWh and expand the scale of production in the Suchu modern industrial park.

In the field of automobile, electrification is imperative under the circumstance. According to the “Standard for the Development of Energy-saving and New Energy Automobile Industry” which issued by the State Council, the accumulative production and sales of new energy vehicles will exceed 5 million by 2020.Through continuous product and manufacturing upgrading, Phylion stays firmly in the top line of high quality capacity. Batteries we made can not only ensure high performance requirements for electric vehicles, but also ensure market growth without subsidies.

In the light vehicle market, Phylion realized that lithium batteries will accelerate the replacement of lead-acid ones. With 15 years of product forging, market accumulation, and the promotion of new business model, Phylion grasps the pulse of market development, seizes the opportunity, thus realizes fission growth in the market.

Fight bravely, Aim high

Phylion has been keeping guided by market application, created a highly competitive product line with the core of cost performance, perfect material collocation system, battery structure design, process and equipment selection, space utilization of plant, production mode optimization, and supply chain construction.

By the perseverance on the application of patent technology and the improvement of product technology, the new VDA production line which put into production by Phylion has a great advantage in the comprehensive strength of the product.

During the same time, Phylion is planning to upgrade the new production line through further optimization of technology, which will be put into production in September 2018. And the large capacity power lithium battery can be the first to achieve the national power battery cost requirements in 2020.

Between 2018 and 2022, the new energy vehicle market will experience a complete withdrawal of subsidies; the light vehicle market will experience the rapid development of lithium power. At such time node, Phylion chose to take the initiative to launch the Chuzhou Base, satisfy 600000 sets of 50 degree electric vehicle batteries, and supply 30 million of 1kw/h light vehicle lithium batteries.

It is of great significance to build the production base of Suchu modern industrial park, which is an important step in the global industrial distribution of Phylion. In the future, Phylion will continue to build many production bases. Since now, Phylion has already been planning to build overseas production bases in Eastern Europe and South Asia. Our aim is to make affordable and reliable lithium batteries for customers, and promote lithium batteries in the new energy sector as well.

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