Phylion’s 26148 production line is formally put into operation

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With the approaching of 2020, the development of the new energy automobile industry has reached a critical period. As the core part of new energy vehicle, power battery plays an important role in the popularization of new energy vehicles.


Based on 15 years of accumulation of technology and manufacturing experience, as well as based on the market applications of 35000 sets of batteries for electric vehicles and 5.2 million light vehicle batteries, Phylion has successfully developed the 26148 series of products, and fully put into production at the beginning of 2018.


High cost performance products seize the new energy car market

President Feng Xiao said, “after much deliberation we decided to choose 26148." This product can inherit Phylion’s accumulation in the cell structure and design in the past 15 years, it is also beneficial to achieve reutilization of battery.


This product uses “LMO+NCM” as the cathode material system, which can ensure the product's energy density while ensuring the product's safety. The cycle life is 2500 times with more than 80% remaining capacity. In addition, the shell patent Phylion designed, can improve production efficiency, reduce production losses, especially be better than the industry standard cost.


Many new patent technology make the professional production line

Vice president Wang Zhengwei introduced, "the production line used three new patents. They are penetration welding technology in cover plate and shell, sealed formation technology and new cover plate design, the first two are the new invention patent. At the same time, the production line also applied a number of new industry technology, innovated the original manufacturing process, and made a qualitative breakthrough.


In January 5th, the production line was successfully mass-produced, with 1.3GWh capacity, which is designed to meet the VDA size of the square aluminum shell battery. This is a high standard and professional automotive battery production line.


With exclusive innovation process,the new line ensures efficient production

First, a number of exclusive processes are used into this production line to ensure the consistency of production and ensure the quality of the products.


The slurry premixed process is currently the pioneering technology in China, which ensures that the mixing is more homogeneous and the quality is more stable. It also improves the mixing efficiency. The ingredient time is 1/4 of advanced level in the industry, saving energy consumption by 30%.


The laminated process can not only ensure enough battery internal space, reduce battery internal resistance, and control the heating of the battery, but also reduce the cost of raw materials.


Second, the production line is a new achievement of Phylion’s 15 years of manufacturing experience. New breakthroughs have been made in the level of automated manufacturing. The leading high-speed continuous coating, rolling, slitting and die-cutting are adopted in the production line. Compared with the intermittent coating method, the pole piece thickness uniformity is better, and it can also achieve maximum efficiency and low energy consumption.


Third, this production line strictly follows the concept of "cost performance is king", and the design cost is 80-85% of the overall level of the industry. This concept is reflected in all aspects of production, such as battery baking process, combining pre-heating and high vacuum process Phylion independently designed, compared to the current popular industry contact baking process. This process ensures product quality and saves 70% of cost and 50% of area at the same time.


The 26148 production line is the embodiment of Phylion’s manufacturing process improvement and progress. It reflects a profound understanding of power battery products and shows the enterprise intelligence, automation, innovation and efficient manufacturing level of Phylion. By high cost-effective products, the production line powers Phylion to become the first-class supplier in the field of new energy vehicles.

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