Phylion new 48V20Ah/24Ah lithium battery module enter market

Updated: 2015-04-12 Views: 1821

    48V20Ah/24Ah lithium battery module of Phylion goes on sale. The new  battery module achieve seamless replacement of lead-acid battery in  E-bike. Here is the five advantage of the new 48V20Ah/24Ah module:



1. It fit for all kinds of electric bicycles.



2. The mileage could reach 73km.



    3. 2Ah Capacity redundancy is available, with added quantity but not price.


    4. The cycle life of 48V20Ah/24Ah lithium battery module is 3 times as long as that of lead-acid batteries.


    5. The testing APP of mobile phone is available to solve the after-sales problems only need 5 minutes.

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