Creating better E-mobility

Five Advantages
EV solutions
Safety and reliablity
continuous optimization of material, design and manufacturing process
Ultra-Long service life
≥2600 cycles
Resistance to temperature
90% discharging rage at -20℃~55℃
Longer driving range
well compatible with E-drive system to obtain longer driving range
Higher cost performance
industry-leading cost performance to create more economical benefits for customer
Solution for passenger car
Creating safe and stable lithium-ion battery packs with higher cost performance, more power, longer service life, and higher resistance to temperature through a deep understanding of application scenarios
Solution for commercial vehicle
Superior cost-effectiveness ratio for electric commercial vehicles, High stability and long service life further improving economic efficiency, to create more values for customer
Solution for overseas EV
Advanced design and manufacturing to meet European and US standards; more compatible with E-drive system,supporting a more convenient, fast, low-carbon and environmentally friendly mobility
The common choice of major brands

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