Specialist of LEV battery management
Digital System
Range System
Safety System
Digital System
Self-learning SOC algorithm
Precise calculation of all working conditions,>error rate < 3%
Nonlinear FCC prediction
Advanced battery aging computing technology,error rate<5%
Real-time measurement and online diagnosis
Real-time capacity measurement and remote diagnosis of battery failure
OTA remote upgrade
Automatic upgrade and continuous iterative upgrade
Range System
Efficient balancing technology
Higher consistency of cells and longer battery cycle life
Intelligent working mode switching
Less power waste with power utilization increased by 20%
Safety System
  • Battery safety monitoring
  • Intelligent identification of charging
  • ESD protection
  • EMC
  • Three-level safety functions protection
  • Common port for charging and discharging to prevent false connection
  • Self-inspection of BMS failure
  • Anti-abuse of charger

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